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Carlos Avila Fine Art

Port Saint John, FL USA


My passion for photography was born in the early eighties, in my native Cuba.
My uncle loved photography and, I distinctly remember that day at Cojimar beach, when I took my first shots with his camera for the first time. ~The rest is history.

I love taking photos of nearly everything, everywhere.

My favorite camera is that which I have at the moment the inspiration comes. The camera is an instrument. Passion and love for photography is what makes a great photo. My Apple iPhone goes with me everywhere. So these days, I shoot exclusively with and edit all photos on my Apple iPhone.

There is this myth that photography is only for those who went to school or those with an expensive camera. -I'm glad this is a myth! -Photography is for those in love!

From the clouds in the sky to the waves in the ocean, we see beauty manifest in all. There is no better way to document creation than through photography, because it transcends the barriers of language, culture, ideology and time.

I love photography and the magnificence and wonder of Creation. And in Central Florida, where I live, there's plenty of it.

~All is Divine and, therefore, beautiful. ~

Be Happy.~
~Carlos Avila


Green Skin Avocados by Carlos Avila


Peaches by Carlos Avila


Red Onions by Carlos Avila


Plums by Carlos Avila


Flowers by Carlos Avila


Orange Flowers by Carlos Avila


Flor by Carlos Avila


Wild by Carlos Avila